Lok Seva Sangam is presently treating around 1200 cases of Tuberculosis of which 200 patients require nutritional supplements urgently. The cost for each patient works out to Rs.750/- per month for a minimum period of 6 months.

Without nutritional support TB patients are unable to withstand the side effects of the 7 drugs which need to be taken all at one time. Good Nutrition is important for the complete cure of the TB patient.

This is an appeal for help. If you can contribute towards the expenditure of even one patient it would be of great help.

LSS in a non-profit organization, therefore all donations to LSS are exempted from Income Tax Notification. There are a number of different ways for you to make a donation to LSS:

Wire transfers

Please route your payments to: Lok Seva Sangam, Bank of India, Sion Branch, account number SB A/C 004110100019903, IFSC number BKID 0000041, SWIFT Code BKIDINBBSIO (no IBAN code). In case of any question about routing money to our account feel free to contact the Bank at


Please make your cheque payable to: Lok Seva Sangam.

Gifts of Stock

We are happy to accept gifts of stock which might be useful in our slum rehabilitation process. To make a stock gift to LSS, please notify us of the transfer by contacting

Also note that in-kind donations of books, software, and services are key to our success in providing educational opportunities to our children in India. Please contact us by e-mail at the above address for guidelines regarding what types of materials we accept.

Adopt a Student

Lok Seva Sangam, among its activities, does support children of several slums in their education process, for tuition fees, books, uniforms and so forth.
The granting of the amount is subordinated to the achievement of satisfactory attendance and results.
Donors are welcome to adopt one of more students throughout out their education path. Please contact us  for more details in case of interest.