Newsletter February – March 2018

Newsletter February - March 2018

An update from Balwadi

In February—March, Balwadi stu-dents were taught the following things:
English: In February, letter Aa to Ss and, in March, letter Tt to Zz were taught ; Missing letters, Match the letters ; Story revision “The thirsty crow”
Math: numbers 1-20 were taught orally, written 1-10 were given to students; Match the numbers; Miss-ing number; Count and write the ob-jects were taught ; Shapes were also taught.
E.V.S: Introducing community help-ers; Vehicles; Fruits names.
Craft and drawing: Origami (dog face); Drawing kite, fish were taught.

Some Achievements of our students

Our tutorial student, Siddhi Khatate, won the first prize for handwriting competition and fancy dress from Dnyansampada Prathemic school.
Our tutorials student, Dheeraja Gawala, got first prise in her school Prajasthik Vidhyalaya for fruit salad making activity, drawing competition, hand writing competition and got second prize for fancy dress, sack race, best out of waste and Mehendi competition. She also got class best student award in her school.
Our tutorial student, Radhika Sahu, got 3rd prize in her BMC school for Hindi story writing competition.

Picnics Of LSS Centre

On 14th March 2018 students of Chee-ta Camp Balwadi and Baiganwadi Bal-wadi and tutorial (Sr,Kg to 3rd std). At Anushakti garden there were total 66 ( cheeta camp Balwadi), 20 tutorials tudents present and 69 baiganwadi Balwadi students present for the pic-nic.
There were total 6 volunteers for the picnic.children were given banana and kachori given to them. After sometime students were taken to on round of the park to see various kind of plants and tree .there was statue of some animals. After that they were given food to eat.all the students enjoy the picnic. It was wonderful experience for the parents.

Helping hands from LSS

This is the story of one of our Balwadi student who is suffering from T.B. His name is Junaid Hamid Siddiqui. He is 4 years old. As he was not com-ing to school from February, Bhuneshwari Madam went to check. She came to know that he was suffering from T.B. She gave the information where he could receive medical help (Shatabdi hospital). On 5/3/2018, Bhuneshwari Madam, once again, visited to Junaid’home and took de-tail about him. On the same day, Junaid and his mother came for the medical check up organized in LSS center. Sandra Madam and Seema Madam took information from his mother and gave them informations about nutritious to be given to him. Madam checked his reports and medicine. Then, on 7th of March, we organized a medical in which he came for checkup. Our doctor gave him medicine and informations.

Appreciate to Prabha Jain

Since the month of December, one of our Donor, Prabha Jain, has donated food to Chunnabhati center once a week for near-ly 25 students. She has also donated fruits and sweets to the children and old cloth. She gives proper stationery to the children those who are in need. She is very kind- hearted women. She loves to help children in need. She always comes on Thursday and she only distributes food to the children to Chunnabhati cen-ter. She loves donate. We are very thankful to such a donors who willingly comes and give their precious time to the children.

Health checkup at Education centers

LSS conducts two health check-up for its students every year.
In Turbhe MPS, body checkup was conducted by doctor Neeta on 6th to 8th of February 2018. There was a total of 120 students whose the checkup was done. Students were also given medicines if prescribed by LSS.
Health check up were conducted in Baiganwadi on 7th March 2018 by doctor Nee-ta. 31 students in Balwadi and 10 students in tutorials received the checkup. Medicines were given by doctor and they also pre-scribed medicines.
Health checkup was done in Cheeta camp center on 3rd and 10th Feb 2018. Parents accompanied their child for examination and they showed good response. Doctors prescribed medicine for the same. Medical was successfully done with the cooperation of the parents.

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