Newsletter October – Novembre 2017

Newsletter October - Novembre 2017

Mamacha Gaon (Staff Picnic)

On 18th Nov-2017, LSS staff went to picnic in Mamacha Gaon. As it was a surprise picnic, everyone was excited. The picnic was organize by LSS foundation. Everyone was told to meet at Ev-rad Nagar at 6:30am sharp, bus was organized for the picnic. There were total of 53 staff member to attend the picnic.
We left the place at 7:30am and the happiest journey started. We were singing and dancing during all the bus journey. Every-one were happy to participate and even Madam Ethel, Madam Seema and Madam Donna par-ticipated with all of us.
We reached the spot at 10:00am. The place was so beautiful. A lunch were orga-
nized and rooms were also given to keep the belonging. The resort was beautiful. It was made like a village. There was a swimming pool. We did a rain dance which we enjoyed a lot.
After lunch, there was a game ses-sion organized by LSS Staff. Winners have won prizes. After that, we visit-ed the Warli painting which was in the resort. It was very beautiful. We took many pictures to remember this beautiful place. At last, we took a group picture. We all enjoyed the picnic and will remember this day during our entire life.

It was such a lovely day

By Shagufta Sayyed


Diwali festival

The festival of Diwali is defi-nitely the most important festival for the people of India. It comes with a special enthusiasm and zeal to hearts and bring the light of happiness in our life. Diwali, or Deepawali, is one of the India's biggest festival. The word “Diwali” means “Rows of lighted lamps”. It is a festival of light and Hindus celebrate it with joy. During this festival, people light up their houses and shops with their diyas. They pray the Lord Ganesha for good welfare and prosperity and Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and wisdom. We celebrated Diwali in our LSS and informed children to not burn crackers in the aim to enjoy an ecofriendly Diwali.

By Majida Shaikh

Children’s day Celebration

Children’s day is the birth anni-versary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, celebrated as children’s day, all over India on the 14th November.
“The Children are precious gifts for the society. So let’s enjoy children’s day with them. For brighter future of the country”
We celebrated this day in all our centers and at T.M.P.S. we also informed them of the im-portance of this day. Children are loved by everyone. Without them, life would become boring.
They are blessed by God and conquer our hearts with their innocence.

By Arthi Shetty

Educational field trip at the bus station

LSS has organized an education-al field trip for all its three cen-ters, including T.M.P.S, at the closed bus sta-tion.
Parents were in-volved too. They helped in volunteering.
For Bainganwadi, it was hold on the 15th Nov. 2017 at Shivaji Nagar Depot. For Cheeta camp, it was the 16th at Anushakti bus depot. For Chu-nabhatti, it was the 20th at Chu-nabhtti bus depot and at the railway station. For T.M.P.S, it was hold the 12th Dec. at Trom-bay bus stop and in the postoffice.
As soon as we reached the bus station, there was an officer who guided us. He gave information about bus station, the rest room, the depot itself and the officers department. A ticket checker, also known as T.C., gave information about rules and reg-ulations.
Conductors gave information about the buses and the tickets. They gave blank ticket for demonstration. Student were taken in the bus for a ride in the bus station itself. Students were so excited when the ticket checker checked their tickets! Parents also gave feedback about how the trip was and how important is that kind of infor-mation.

By Maryam Khan

P.T.A. meeting and Open Day

There was a meeting held in all our centers. The agenda of the meeting was:
1. Christmas Day celebration (annual day function). It should be attended by all the students. And parents need to actively take part.
2. Parents was asked about the field trip and their feedback was taken. Regarding how they felt, they could talk about their experience with the chil-dren during the field trip.
3. We spoke again about the im-portance of trimming the nails after every two weeks. Stu-dents should also wear proper uniform and handkerchief is a must.
4. Formative assessment will be done after every two months to evaluate the progress of the child.
5. In this meting, we showed an-swer sheet and report card to the parents.

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