Newsletter Aug – Sep 2017

Newsletter August - September 2017

An update from Balwadi

In August and September, Balwadi students were taught a lot of differ-ent things.
Literacy : Phonics words, rhythmic, conversations about festivals, story and talking about themself.
Math: Counting numbers , shapes and color differences.
General knowledge: Names of fruits, domestic animals, birds and vegetables, parts of the body, touch, sight and taste.
Eurhythmics and Games: The National anthem action song
Craft and Drawing: Paper folding, paper tearing, paper crum-bling.

An update from our tutorials

Our tutorial students are enrolled in different schools where the medium of instruction is English, Hindi and Marathi. At the tutorials, students are assisted in completing their home assign-ments and projects. Besides this, the concepts taught in school are reinforced through further explanation and practice.

English: Reading comprehension, vocabulary usage, correct sentence formation.
Math: Concepts taught are rein-forced through practice.
Marathi: Assistance given to stu-dents who go to school where the medium of instruction is English.
Sciences: Concepts are reinforced with the help of experiments.
Social Studies: Topics taught in class are reinforced through stories.

Weighing machine program

This program was held in our LSS cen-ter. Training was given by Mrs Fehmida at Baiganwadi center. There were 8 teacher and the training was success-ful. We were taught how to operate the machine with the live demo given.
We conducted the program in all our centers and Turbhe Mumbai Public School. During this program, we came to know about child health, according to his weight , in which category they fit.

By Mrs Ayesha and Mrs Bhuneshwari

Recognition of student from tutorials

Sharavan Hussainiappa Kenchi got the first prize in his school for an elocution held in the topic “Green India, Clean India”. He has learned at Baiganwadi education center.
Karan Dadarao Dandge , student of B.M.C school, from our tutorial, partici-pated in clay modeling competition and secure a second prize for making Gan-pati statue.
From our LSS student participating in Drawing and Mehendi competition, 5 out of 35 have won the competition:
- Visal Vishwas Khatate secured first prize (uses Of Water)
- Gauri Shankar Gudhu secured first prize (beti bachao beti padhao)
- Diraja Gavala secured first prize for mehendi competition.
- Rajesh Raju Algeri secured second prize (Swach Bharat Abhiyan)
- Om Narsima Sannaki secured third prize (Nature)
This competition was arrange by the community group Manohzt Seva Mandala.

"We are really proud of our students! Congratulation to all of them!"

By Bhuneshwari and Mariya Khan

Stitching Training

On the 25th of Sep. 2017, LSS orga-nized stitching training program for the community people in Baiganwa-di from 11:30 to 1:30 pm. The train-ing was given by Miss Mathilde De Bocquigny, from Mexico. There were 14 people attended. They came from communities or stitching classes and one from Chunabhatti. There were 2 volunteers with the trainer. They trained about how to stitch bag, pillow cover and fluffy bed-sheets. They gave us two pieces of each sample for our organization.

By Manisha Jadhav

Festivals and celebration in Balwandi

Celebrating Raksha Bandhan

The much awaited festival of Raksha Bandhan was celebrated this year on Aug. 7th. It usually falls on the full moon day on Purnima of the Shravan month.
In Sanskrit, the words “Raksha Bandhan” literally means “The tie or knot of protec-tion”. The Rakhi is the knot of protec-tion that shields a brother from all evil.

The biggest signifi-cance of this day is that a brother makes a promise to protect his sister.

We celebrated Raksha Bandhan in all our center and TMPS. We distributed coconut sweets and we informed stu-dents about its significance. In every-one‘s life is definitely undeniable.

By Jaya Guttedar and Aarthi

Celebrating Janamashtami

Janamashthami is the birth of the Hin-duism’s favorite god, Lord Krishna. It is a special occasion for Hindus who con-sider him as their leader, hero, protec-tor, philosopher, teacher and friend. All these roles fit into one god.
At LSS education center, the festival was celebrated with statues of Krishna,
with statues of Radha, his consort and with statues of his childhood friend, Sudhama. Teachers had made them.
Students were taught to form a hu-man pyramid for “Dahi Handi’”. Pal-nageet and various songs related to the festival were sung. Students al-so received special sweets.

By Mariyam Khan

Independence Day

15th August 1947 is the historical day that marks India’s freedom from the stranglehold of British Raj. On the day of 15th Aug., 1947, the Indian flag was un-furled proudly by Jawarharlal Nehru.
We celebrated Independence Day with flag hoisting ceremony followed by the national anthem. We informed students about its importance and how leaders sacrificed their life for making India free. At Baiganwadi, fancy dress competition was held. Students participated with en-thusiasm.

By Majida and Ayesha

Teacher’s Day celebration at LSS Center

Teacher’s day is a special day dedicated to all teachers. We celebrate it every year on the 5th Sep. to honor the amaz-ing work that the teacher do to the so-ciety. In addition, it encourages the teaching fraternity to continue to re-sponse to the needs of the society. We celebrated Teachers Day in our LSS cen-ter and Turbhe Mumbai Public School. One of our teachers, Mrs Lilavati, distrib-uted sweets at Cheeta Camp center. Fi-nally, we were given a Teachers Day’s throwback by Mrs Sandra Pinto.

Thanks to all the teachers for their amazing work!

Parents/Teacher Meeting

These were the following points discuss in the meeting in order to have a sys-tematic way of teaching in all our LSS . Meeting was held in all our centers, in-cluding Turbhe Mumbai Public School, at different days during the month of August.
Meeting were held on the 18th of Aug. 2017 for TMPS, on the 22nd for Cheeta Camp, on the 23rd for Baiganwadi and for tutorial in Chunabhattti as well the 24th.
Agenda of the meeting:
1) Say no to tuitions: A main motive to have this meeting was to create awareness among the parents about the ill effect of sending their chil-dren for tuitions as it is a burden on child, mentally and physically, as their childhood is lost due to com-petitive nature of parents. In our organization, we are giving personal attention to each and every child. Teachers in our LSS are also doing worksheets in group of 5 students.
2) Doctors checkup: Doctor checkup will be held twice a year. Students
and parents need to attend this check-up session when they are informed.
3) Punctuality: Parents should come on time when they give or take their child. They are informed to be on time when-ever meetings are held.
4) Personal hygiene: After every 2 weeks, students need to trim their nails and hair (boys) . Parents should give handkerchief to their child.

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